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By: Richard Harpster

Richard Harpster's op-ed is in response to a recent Quality Digest article and webinar discussing the benefits of the draft AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook. As he points out at the end of this article, the AIAG has provided a means to solicit comments, pro or con, on the handbook. We encourage interested parties to provide feedback to the AIAG.

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By: Eric Stoop

With only a handful of aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as potential customers, aerospace suppliers have to hustle to make sure they’re selected. Stand out for the right reasons, and you could solidify 20 years worth of business. Make the wrong impression, and you could miss out on tens of millions (or more) in sales.

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Ageing wastewater systems are under threat from growing populations, urbanization, pollution. and climate change, not to mention human behavior. However, despite these challenges and fears for health and safety, the new ISO 24516 series is playing a key role in turning what many consider a burden into a valuable resource.

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By: Eric Cooper

You’re in the market to build a new house. Would you tell the builder what you’re looking for, or would you just tell him to build “something?” If the latter, what’s the likelihood that the house you end up with is going to be what you want? Documenting your requirements should be obvious, right?

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Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have invented a new approach to testing multilayered, 3D computer chips that are now appearing in some of the latest consumer devices. The method may be the answer the semiconductor industry needs to quickly assess the reliability of this relatively new chip construction model, which stacks layers of flat circuitry atop one another like floors in a building to help make chips ever-faster and packed with features.

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By: Dave Cranmer

Perhaps you are sitting at home now reading this, and at your elbow is a beer glass resting on a coaster. As you watch the logs in your fireplace shift and spark, and smell the distinct smokiness that comes when seasoned wood burns slowly, you take a sip of that local beer, with notes of orange peel, allspice, cardamom, honey, or even caramel.

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