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Quality Digest: Your information resource for a changing quality industry

For 36 years Quality Digest has been bringing information to quality professionals.

Today Quality Digest delivers feature articles and news on the quality industry via our e-newsletter Quality Digest Daily and on our website www.qualitydigest.com. During 2015 our website received more than 1 million page views, which provided editorial content, live broadcasts, videos, and on-demand webinars presented by industry experts on international quality standards, leadership, manufacturing, metrology, statistical process control, training, healthcare, and more. Plus it contains all editorial content from Quality Digest magazine from August 1995 to June 2009, when we made the transition to digital media.

Millennium 360 Inc.

Quality Digest is part of the family of Millennium 360 Inc. Together we provide: 

• Live streaming-video content, produced by our TechnorazziLIVE division. While others are just now learning how to manage recorded video on their websites, we have already produced live video broadcasts about tools and best practices that our audience needs, enabling them to write in during the broadcast and interact with experts. Quality Digest Live, our weekly web TV show, is a one-of-a-kind program presenting who and what is making the news in the world of quality.

• Diverse content for a diverse readership. Our fully digital presence and technical mastery has allowed us to shed the shackles of a paper and print world, and gives us the tools to serve the many niche audiences who fall under the quality umbrella.  We are no longer limited to providing generalized information that we hope will be of some interest to most readers—but rather offer information of high interest to each niche audience within our readership.

• Training curriculum for you, for your team, and for your enterprise.  Publishing companies of the past never felt the need to provide more than a journalistic coverage of the field, despite the need that working professionals have for effective training.  Millennium 360's eLearning company is changing this paradigm, and provides a portal into training materials that directly parallel our editorial content. 


Millennium 360 is a media company for a new era, and Quality Digest is illuminating the path for quality professionals.

Our team (L to R): Christopher Martin, April Johnson, Laurel Thoennes, Dirk Dusharme, Kristine Bammert, Ryan Day, Mike Richman, Jeff Dewar, Taran March


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