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By: J. B. Silvers, Mark Votruba

The new healthcare venture formed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced June 20, 2018, that Harvard professor and well-known author Atul Gawande would be the company’s CEO. The idea for the new company is to innovate by cutting costs from the healthcare system, starting with the more than one million employees of the three companies behind the venture.

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By: Stephen Salata

It’s an open secret that many automotive and aerospace manufacturers have unacceptably high defects and costs. And where defects are on the rise, quality costs aren’t far behind.

Even one defect could mean recalling an entire batch, a problem that can cost thousands of dollars per minute if it means a line stoppage for a customer. In extreme cases, a customer’s entire plant might have to shut down, with the full cost billed to you.

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By: Amanda Hunt

Tensile testing of materials is critical to a wide array of industries, which means preparing specimens for testing is equally important. If a specimen is not prepared correctly, the test results will be inaccurate; this is costly if a material fails a test that it should have passed, and potentially catastrophic if it passes a test it should have failed.

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By: Ryan E. Day

First article inspection (FAI) is that critical step between design and production which verifies that the factory’s production line can manufacture a part on a mass scale. Aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturers cannot skip FAI. But, manufacturers of any durable goods that skip FAI do so at tremendous risk of delayed production and skyrocketing development costs.

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By: Jennifer Sillars

Policies define expectations and boundaries for behavior, but these expectations frequently go unmet.

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Story update 7/13/2018: This story was updated with a link to the released version of standard E3125–17.

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By: Dirk Dusharme @ Quality Digest

In our June 29, 2018, episode of QDL, we discuss AR, VR, and innovation.

“Experience Augmented Reality Gauging With Marposs at IMTS 2018”

Augmented reality and virtual reality are fast becoming a part of test and assembly.

Multiple Authors
By: Qi Alfred Chen, Z. Morely Mao

The day when cars can talk to each other—and to traffic lights, stop signs, guardrails, and even pavement markings—is rapidly approaching.

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The phrase, “Are we there yet?” has long been associated with boring summer road trips. However, a new study shatters that myth, as it shows that 69 percent of people say traveling to their destination is often as fun as the actual vacation destination.

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By: Scott A. Hindle

I recently got hold of the set of data shown in figure 1. What can be done to analyze and make sense of these 65 data values is the theme of this article. Read on to see what is exceptional about these data, not only statistically speaking.

Figure 1: Example data set.

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