How inclusivity can drive change

To celebrate International Women's Week we talk to Shannon Karels and Kathy Miller, authors of Steel Toes and Stilettos…. A true story of women manufacturing leaders and lean transformation success.

How art can make you a better problem solver

Solving problems can be hard. Sometimes we are so bogged down in our own biases or past experience we can’t see clearly. Maybe art can help. We talk to Amy Herman, author of Fixed: How to perfect the fine art of problem solving.

Helping startups scale up

It takes a lot of resolve, support, and money for startups to succeed. Hexagon has launched a program called Sixth Sense that addresses some of the critical roadblocks faced by startups. We talk to Milan Kocic, Head of Sixth Sense Open Innovation Platform.

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Introducing…Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Is it possible to realign the supply chain?

The supply chain is in desperate need of realignment. Although pundits predict improvement later in 2022, that is a hope, not a solution. We talk with Lisa Anderson, supply chain expert and president of LMA Consulting Group.

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Employees demand flexibility from employers

In the battle for talent in today's post-pandemic job market, the companies that give their employees the most flexibility with their work and schedules will be the winners. We talk to Russ Hill and Jared Jones, senior partners of Lone Rock Consulting and authors of "The Great Resignation." 

Automakers not prepared for pivot to EV

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence research shows that only 8 percent of automakers recognize current business models as too slow to meet incoming ICE bans. We talk with Keith Perrin, Senior Director of Digital Transformation for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Consumers want more from their brands

Consumers want more from their brands than just good quality and prices. They also want to know that their favorite brands consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. We talk to Mark Schissel, COO for Herbalife Nutrition, about the importance of ESG.

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How companies should respond to vaccine mandates
CEOs are facing many questions from employees when it comes to their rights and safety in the context of vaccine mandates and other issues. How should companies respond? We talk with James Bailey, Hochberg Professor of Leadership at George Washington University.
What's behind the Great Resignation?

The reasons people quit jobs are complex, but it is probably not a coincidence that the Great Resignation has followed on the tail of the pandemic. We speak with Mary Elizabeth Elkordy, founder and president of Elkordy Global Strategies.

Update on ISO QMS standards
We talk to Mike McLean, a member of ISO/TC 176, about some future concepts being discussed for ISO 9001 and other QMS standards.
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