Walk in your customer's shoes

How customers experience your product involves the entire customer journey, not just the quality of the product itself. We talk with Jon Picoult, author of From Impressed to Obsessed.

Leaner cleaner electrode boilers

The pressure for industry to reduce harmful emissions is stronger than ever. Electrode boilers could be one part of the solution for some companies. We talk to Robert Presser, Vice President of Acme Engineering Products.

Building a culture of quality

A culture of quality is more important than ever. Yet only 46% of organizations say that quality values are consistently applied in their organization. We talk to Hong Xu, vice president of quality at Kaiser Aluminum, to learn why a culture of quality is important. Be sure to registrar for the webinar "Culture of Quality: Why a quality culture is more Important in 2022 (than ever) and how you can create one"  Oct. 26, 2021 at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern.

Remote auditing for today's digital workplace
Companies are looking for digital solutions to help with risk assessment, management, and compliance. What are certification bodies doing to meet those needs? We talk to Paul Butcher, CEO of LRQA.
Making very large, very precise parts
We look at how Janicki Industries uses Hexagon's Absolute Scanner AS1 and the Leica Absolute Tracker AT 960 as part of their large-volume precision machining processes.
Trends in quality management

Quality management is constantly changing due to technological as well as social shifts. This last 18 months being a case in point. We talk to Morgan Palmer, Chief Technology Officer at ETQ, about some of the trends in quality management.

The switch to hybrid work

Up to 50 percent of employees say they would quit if they can't work remotely. But how prepared are employees and employers to make a permanent switch to hybrid work? Joining us today is Mike Morini CEO of WorkForce Software.  

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Overall equipment effectiveness

Monitoring the operational status of your equipment is the low-hanging fruit for increasing productivity. Low-cost tools are available to make this possible even on legacy equipment. We talk to Lauren Dunford, CEO of Guidewheel

Looking for work post-Covid

As the economy opens up, companies are scrambling to fill positions, and job seekers are looking for new opportunities. What does the search for new work look like? Has the landscape changed? We talk to Patrick O'Rahilly, founder of FactoryFix.

Automation vs. humans

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in warehouses and distribution centers have come a long way. What does this mean for the human labor force that used to do those jobs? We talk with John Hayes, director of sales for Balyo USA.

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