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By: Michelle Shemo

As a member of Minitab’s technical support team, I get the opportunity to work with many people using design of experiments (DOE).

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By: Patrick Runkel

Right now I’m enjoying my daily dose of morning joe. As the steam rises off the cup, the dark, rich liquid triggers a powerful enzyme cascade that jump-starts my brain and central nervous system, delivering potent glints of perspicacity into the dark crevices of my still-dormant consciousness.

By: Stephen V. Thomas

The purpose of this article is to point out a problem when using percentages for subgroups over time, or for members in a larger group, where the size of the denominator varies and probabilities are being estimated. Also to introduce a solution: adjusted p-chart scores (APC), a new way to score or compute percentages (e.g., in the p-chart setting).

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By: Thomas R. Cutler

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By: Dawn Keller

I really can’t make this stuff up.

I wrote a post a couple of years ago titled: “How to Talk to Your Kids About... Quality Improvement,” in which I lamented about Community Hero Day in my daughter’s first-grade class and the need to explain to her why I wasn’t at the “community-hero level” of classmate Maggie’s mommy, the pediatrician.

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By: Mark Rosenthal

The title of this article is a search term that recently hit The Lean Thinker site. It’s an interesting question—and interesting that it gets asked.

Kaizen” is now an English word—it’s in the OED—and defined as such: “Noun. A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. Origin. Japanese, literally ‘improvement.’”

Let’s talk a bit about that “Japanese, literally ‘improvement’” bit.

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By: Thomas R. Cutler

In November 2014, Quality Digest Daily published the first in a series about companywide lean cultures and how a lean journey affects people and companies. Jonesboro, Arkansas-based Hytrol Conveyors, a designer and manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, allowed an in-depth examination of why lean manufacturing drives its entire culture. This is the second interview in the series.

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By: Meredith Griffith

During the last year or so I've heard a lot of people asking, "How can I calculate B10 life in Minitab?" Despite my being a statistician and an industrial engineer (mind you, one who's never actually been in the field) and having taken a reliability engineering course, I'd never heard of B10 life. So I did some research.

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