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By: Stephen Ostroff

Since March 2015 it’s been my pleasure to serve as the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Acting Commissioner. The FDA has broad responsibilities, and I’d like to share some important accomplishments during 2015.

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By: Robert M. Califf, Rachel E. Sherman

Medical care and biomedical research are in the midst of a data revolution. Put together, networked systems, electronic health records, electronic insurance claims databases, social media, patient registries, and personal devices comprise an immense new set of sources for data about health and healthcare. In addition, these “real-world” sources can provide data about patients in the setting of their environments—whether at home or at work—and in the social context of their lives.

Multiple Authors
By: Howard Sklamberg, Jeffrey Shuren, Melinda Plaisier

Across the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we are devoting tremendous effort, in collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, toward activities that drive—and increase–product and manufacturing quality. We believe quality can be quantified through close attention to data and consistent review and analysis of that data, which in turn can promote the practice and culture of quality within firms.

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By: Russ King

As medical science has advanced, products submitted for FDA review are using increasingly complex formulations, including unique and creative combinations of drugs, biologics, and devices. Because of this complexity, combination products, by definition, may require intercenter consultations with the FDA.

By: Ken Miller

Has your organization secured all its electronic healthcare records (EHR)? If not, don’t wait to put the proper policies and procedures in place. If you’ve already secured your EHR, then make sure that you’re ready for an audit by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

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By: Eston Martz

I read trade publications that cover everything from banking to biotech, looking for interesting perspectives on data analysis and statistics, especially where they pertain to quality improvement.

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