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Donald J. Wheeler
James Beagle III
Whenever we make a measurement, we have to decide how many digits to record. Traditional answers for this question are often little more than guesswork glorified by time. And with digital readouts...
    National discussions of crucial importance to ordinary citizens—such as funding for scientific and medical research, bailouts of financial institutions, and revised tax laws—inevitably involve dollar figures in the millions, billions, and trillions. Unfortunately, math anxiety is widespread even...
    The precision to tolerance ratio is commonly used to characterize the usefulness of a measurement system. While this ratio is appealingly simple, it overstates the damage due to measurement error. In this paper we show how to compute honest precision to tolerance ratios that correctly describe...
    Capability ratios are widely used and sometimes misunderstood. The computer will gladly offer up values of each of the commonly used capability and performance indexes. Yet there is little appreciation of the inherent uncertainty contained in each of these numbers. Here we shall look at how to...
    Sustainable performance improvement is simply impossible without a firm handle on the precepts and tools of statistical process control (SPC). It is for this reason that we cover industrial statistics so frequently here at Quality Digest. After all, as the great Scottish physicist and engineer...

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I really can’t make this stuff up.

I wrote a post a couple of years ago titled: “How to Talk to Your Kids About... Quality Improvement,” in which I lamented about Community Hero Day in my daughter’s first-grade class and the need to explain to her why I wasn’t at the “community-hero level” of classmate Maggie’s mommy, the pediatrician.

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