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By: Douglas C. Fair

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Statistical process control (SPC) software has been around for decades, used by manufacturers across industries to help monitor process behavior and control quality on the shop floor. Like any technology, the software has evolved over the years into something much more than a tool for collecting quality data from a single manufacturing site.

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By: Eston Martz

I read trade publications that cover everything from banking to biotech, looking for interesting perspectives on data analysis and statistics, especially where they pertain to quality improvement.

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By: Eston Martz

Whatever industry you’re in, you’re going to need to buy supplies. If you’re a printer, you’ll need to purchase inks, various types of printing equipment, and paper. If you’re in manufacturing, you’ll need to obtain parts that you don’t make yourself. But how do you know you’re making the right choice when you have multiple suppliers vying to fulfill your orders? How can you be sure you’re selecting the vendor with the highest quality, or eliminating the supplier whose products aren’t meeting your expectations?

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By: Scott A. Hindle

When considering how good a production process is, it’s important to ask, “Can we expect the output to be fully conforming?” An assessment of process capability can answer this. Data are needed, but how many? Is “30” the right number? This article examines these last two questions.

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By: Douglas Allen

It’s a cold winter’s night in northern New Hampshire. You go out to the woodshed to grab a couple more logs, but as you approach, your hear a rustling inside the shed. You’ve gotten close enough to know you have a critter in the woodpile. You run back inside, bolt the door, hunker down with your .30–06, and prepare for a cold, fireless night.




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By: CorDEX Instruments

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By: Dawn Keller

I really can’t make this stuff up.

I wrote a post a couple of years ago titled: “How to Talk to Your Kids About... Quality Improvement,” in which I lamented about Community Hero Day in my daughter’s first-grade class and the need to explain to her why I wasn’t at the “community-hero level” of classmate Maggie’s mommy, the pediatrician.

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