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Free Master Black Belt webcast on Nov. 17, 2011, for process improvement professionals
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Accepted storyboards receive 30-percent discount off summit price
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Six Sigma Black Belt will present “Deploying a Global Quality System”
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Oct. 17–19, 2011, in Wheaton, IL
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WorkOut is an integral part of a change management strategy
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Focus is on in-depth training sessions and opportunities to have specific questions answered
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Led quality movement and early Six Sigma efforts at communications conglomerate
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Contrasts 12 common corporate mental models against the lean-thinking alternative
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If you only want certification, there are other courses
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Blended lean Six Sigma program from MoreSteam and Ohio State University
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Mikel J. Harry offers online Six Sigma training package
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Be the first to learn the Harada Method from Norman Bodek
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QI Macros for Excel save money and time for Six Sigma projects
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Combines two of the most in-demand credentials in business
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Author and engineer will discuss techniques for using statistically designed experiments to improve quality
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A free online training: Brainstorming with a Fishbone Diagram
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Participate in the leading conference on lean, Six Sigma, and related methodologies
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New scorecard report, plus video and hyperlink access