Six News

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Operations management software improves quality and efficiency
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Analyze ZPI data directly in Minitab without transferring data manually
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Do the right things
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Visual controls can be made at point of use
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Reducing energy costs can save money and promote efficiency
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Learn from companies that have been practicing lean for decades
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Profit Finders functions as an extension of its clients’ process engineering department
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Seattle Children’s Hospital will change your mind about what’s possible
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QI Macros provides a “Swiss army knife” of tools for companies embracing lean Six Sigma
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The theory of inventive problem solving complements lean Six Sigma
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Two-day “RCA for Practitioners” course from Apollo Associated Services
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Dean H. Stamatis rolls up his quality sleeves and shows health care the “how to”'s picture
Excel-based tool speeds mastery of lean problems
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March 9–10, 2011, in Dallas
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Zontec’s latest round of SPC software to be released in December
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First of five-part “Marketing with Lean” series
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Quality Trainer helps employees speak the same statistical language
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Three public events help you spot problems before they occur, or fix them if they do
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Audio book is an unabridged dramatization of a failing company trying to survive by implementing lean