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Tools to provide the best science to the best evidence
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Affordable, in-depth business process analysis delivered in days
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Two books explore kansei engineering: one defines it and one shows how to apply its methods's picture
Educational seminars for experienced lean Six Sigma professionals
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Coming to terms with waste, value, and continuous flow in the technology-rich, service-oriented office
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Enhance your skill set with these two new courses
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Manufacturers take a step to reduce carbon footprint Oct. 26–29
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Lean management means “creation of value without waste”
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New service helps companies reduce waste and improve efficiency in product development
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Session presented by PowerSteering Software will focus on sustaining lean Six Sigma value during economic recession
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Since its lean government implementation in 2007, the Florida city has saved millions
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Master certificate program equips individuals for well-paying career
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Oct. 4–6 top-tier event features thought leaders from business, government, and academia's picture
Purchases of certification quadruple over summer months for high-quality program
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Lean Product Development drives sales and business results, and ensures effective use of engineering resources
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Black Belt and certification programs from Sept. 20 through Dec. 10
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Consultancy shows the value of lean Six Sigma to health-care software provider
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After 13 years, CEO will be succeeded by John Y. Shook.
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One of the 5 Cs of Driving Market Share Program at Six Sigma Marketing Institute