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Coiled electron beams poised to improve microscopes
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NQF releases two studies on assisting appropriate health IT use
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Blue Cross and Blue Shield wilt; satisfaction with credit unions falls sharply
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Health Care Criteria offer pathway to prepare for reform
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But the RAND study finds the groups aren’t focusing on some key patient-experience elements
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Thursday, Dec. 16, 2–3 p.m. EST
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Seattle Children’s Hospital will change your mind about what’s possible
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Virginia Mason Medical Center’s Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience
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Dean H. Stamatis rolls up his quality sleeves and shows health care the “how to”
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Inexcusable mistakes in health care
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Innovative treatment center fulfills mission of providing relaxing environment for patients
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Health care reform offers an opportunity for improvement using lean tools and techniques
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Adaptive design allows statisticians to continuously reanalyze data over an entire study
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A nine-month virtual professional development program for middle managers begins Jan. 11
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Blended e-learning program includes online modules customized for the health care work force
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Framework provides seven guidelines for reporting safety events and health care errors
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Helps eliminate inadequate funding and staffing shortages while improving compliance and safety