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Electronically detect markers that differentiate between healthy and diseased cells
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Award applications accepted through Oct. 27
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Provides a step-by-step process to measure hospital performance and identify barriers to excellence
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Join the initiative “Impacting Cost and Quality”
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New testing instrumentation could help detect infectious diseases and low protein levels
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Among the findings were 2,500 avoidable deaths and 10 million excess days of missed work
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Additional topics cover bone regeneration, tissue implantation, and an Innovation Pipeline
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MDdatacor’s MDinsight supports quality reporting, data sharing, and HITECH requirements
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Global health care quality leaders invited to submit proposals
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Health care organizations turn to process excellence to fill efficiency gap
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Focus is on four areas concerning infections and surgical outcomes
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Delivery of services and patient safety can be enhanced by reducing waste and using a data-driven methodology
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New edition depicts the influence of health care errors and how these can be overcome
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“Infection rejection perfection” while treating 1,647 patients
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Group will compare participant labor expenses and productivity levels
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Group recommended a public health focused approach to food safety
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The first set of quality standards sets out a vision of what high-quality care should look like for patients on the NHS.
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Employers aren’t just looking for low prices; they want stellar service from their health insurance carriers.