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Health care reform offers an opportunity for improvement using lean tools and techniques
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Adaptive design allows statisticians to continuously reanalyze data over an entire study
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A nine-month virtual professional development program for middle managers begins Jan. 11
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Blended e-learning program includes online modules customized for the health care work force
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Framework provides seven guidelines for reporting safety events and health care errors
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Helps eliminate inadequate funding and staffing shortages while improving compliance and safety
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Quantros offers updated core measures application, clinical business intelligence solution
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Current courses focus on improved patient care, error prevention, risk reduction, and cost control
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Futurist David Croslin joins IQware and targets health care improvement
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Quality of care doesn’t guarantee patient satisfaction
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Electronically detect markers that differentiate between healthy and diseased cells
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Award applications accepted through Oct. 27
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Provides a step-by-step process to measure hospital performance and identify barriers to excellence
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Join the initiative “Impacting Cost and Quality”
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New testing instrumentation could help detect infectious diseases and low protein levels
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Among the findings were 2,500 avoidable deaths and 10 million excess days of missed work
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Additional topics cover bone regeneration, tissue implantation, and an Innovation Pipeline