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Especially for selected quality measures, such as mammography, cervical cancer screening, and childhood immunization measures
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Portable DVM5000, DVM3000, and DVM2000 perform fast, high-quality, quantitative 2-D and 3-D surface measurements.
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Applies computed tomography to automotive, mining applications, and medical products
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Cognition Cockpit allows companies to close the gap between CAPA, complaints, risk management, and requirements management.
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Sparta Systems survey of top pharmaceutical companies identifies key obstacles to quality.
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Public input sought for revised standards and new performance measures.
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Super-small sensor has application in biomedical implants as well as home-, building- and bridge-monitoring devices.
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Request reflects intent to advance U.S. innovation and competitiveness
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Experts agree that health care quality measures will be a key element of the compromise health care legislation.
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Program educates medical device manufacturers on CE marking regulatory process and breaking into European market.
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Patients can benefit from high-volume hospitals for cardiovascular procedures even if facilities do not have high ratings.
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Take two aspirins and go away.
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Sentinel System will bolster the FDA’s efforts in monitoring product safety.
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Streamline and strengthen the problem solving process by promoting collaboration.
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Designed specifically for small to mid-sized laboratories
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Hexagon expands its offering in the vision metrology business
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Publication highlights successful efforts to achieve quality improvement through effective HIT implementation.
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16th annual conference “Inspiration to Innovation”
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New book establishes quality as a key element of management practices.