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Raissa Carey

Six Sigma

Event: Mike Micklewright Personifies W. Edwards Deming at ASQ Conference

“The Road to Innovation in Quality & Best Practices”—Oct. 21–22 in Santa Clara, California 

Published: Monday, October 11, 2010 - 07:39

Quality auditor, engineer, and Quality Digest Daily columnist Mike Micklewright will present his entertaining and informative impersonation, "What Would Deming Say?" during his keynote address at the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Silicon Valley Quality Conference, Oct. 21–22. Micklewright will alternate between himself and and W. Edwards Deming at the conference, which is titled “The Road to Innovation in Quality & Best Practices” and will be held at Techmart in Santa Clara, California. The conference is hosted by ASQ’s Silicon Valley Section 0613.

“W. Edwards Deming was oftentimes known as the ‘Prophet of Quality,’ but many people fail to understand his impact and influence on waste reduction, the early lean movement, the resurgence of Japan's quality, and productivity,” says Micklewright.

Micklewright’s unique presentation will allow viewers to learn about Deming and his principles for transformation, his 14 points for management, his views on today’s business and quality practices through the prism of his 14 points, and his viewpoint on today’s trends in lean, Six Sigma, lean Six Sigma, root cause analysis, and ISO 9001. Attendees will learn about Deming the man, and the prophet whose principles greatly affected the Toyota Production System.

In addition, the conference will feature concurrent training sessions on biotechnology, quality tools, outsourcing and supplier management, and statistics and reliability.

Besides Micklewright, keynote speakers include Surinder Bedi, vice president of global quality and customer satisfaction at SunPower Corp.; Tom Little; and Fred Kitson, Ph.D., chief technology officer and senior vice president of DTS and former Motorola executive.

For the conference program schedule, click here.

To register, go to http://acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaID=208369.


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