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By: Scott Everling

Two leading aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, face a challenge many manufacturers would envy: an order book of close to 12,000 aircraft, representing between eight and 10 years’ worth of production. But what might appear to be a dream is proving to be a nightmare—asking customers to wait a decade for the delivery of their product. Management across the industry is wrestling with how to reduce build times once again.

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By: Coleman Flanagan

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By: Shaun Wissner

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Connectivity has changed the world we live in. While today it is a trend, the true potential of connectivity lies in the future. As manufacturers begin to investigate how they can integrate this developing technology, they rely on solutions from organizations, like Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, to offer software environments that enable them to get the power of connectivity today.

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By: Mike Richman

The July 21, 2017, episode of QDL came to you from the 8,000-ft grandeur of Cliff Lodge in Snowbird, Utah—site of the 2017 Coordinate Metrology Society Conference. During this special episode, we toured the show floor, looked at some great portable 3D measurement solutions, and chatted with incoming CMSC chair Gary Confalone. Let’s take a closer look:

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By: Ryan E. Day

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Although part inspection is only a portion of the total workflow in your manufacturing operation, reducing that percentage of the workload has the potential to deliver significant returns on investment (ROI), in particular, when automation is introduced into the inspection process.

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By: Capture 3D

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By: X-Rite

Would you choose a beverage off the store shelf if the same brand sitting next to it was a different color? The Bacardi Bottling Corp. knows the answer is probably no, which is why the company incorporates strict color standards into its Bacardi Mojito production process.

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By: Olympus

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Digital microscopes combine high-quality optical systems with the ease of use of a digital device for the efficient management of industrial quality control workflows.

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How do jumbo-jet designers develop resilient materials for modern airframes, while still bringing in their projects on time and on budget? Before they prototype a new material, they depend heavily on computer simulations to indicate how it will perform—and scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are making those simulations more effective.

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