Metrology News

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Tool automatically identifies vehicles in assembly and assigns them to computer assisted process equipment.
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Software doubles computed tomography reconstruction speed.
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Eliminates the need for a PC to integrate measurements and SPC data.
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Haefely ECOMPACT 4 tests include surge, EFT, dips/interrupts, and AC/surge magnetic field.
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Award based on new development of 3-D data analysis technologies
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Ideal for computer graphics and animation, medical imaging, archival, prototyping, and more.
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NVision HandHeld scanner used to verify new crash dummies to CAD model
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California Instruments 5001iX is available from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals
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TriStar II analyzer increases speed and efficiency of quality control analyses.
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For fast, accurate identification and verification of raw and recycled plastics
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X-Rite spectrophotometer measures a wide range of wet and dry samples without touching test surfaces.
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Partnership simplifies vision system integration.
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Software complements REVO five-axis measuring head and UCC2 universal CMM controller to create single-source retrofit offering.
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Gift benefits Project Lead the Way high school and middle school engineering courses.
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Steintek GmbH becomes WENZEL ScanTec GmbH.
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The Olympus LEXT OLS4000 is the world’s first laser-based dual-confocal system optimized to operate at 405 nm.
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Duke University and The Conference Board say offshoring has more than doubled since 2005.
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Superior telescope, perfectly aligned laser pointer, advanced user interface
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Mahr's EasyForm helps minimize scrap, save time, and reduce production costs.