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C-THRU4.0 collects and processes data from multiple machine tools equipped with Artis machine monitoring systems
High-speed Microstar platform takes advantage of infinite positioning and autonomous measuring of the Renishaw system

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Veeco Instruments Inc.


Veeco Sells $5.6 Million in Atomic Force Profilers to Asia

Published: Monday, November 3, 2003 - 23:00

The third quarter of this year has proven lucrative for Veeco Instruments Inc., which has received $5.6 million in orders for its Vx series atomic force profilers from semiconductor customers in Asia and Japan.

The metrology tools, used for in-line process control in 200 mm and 300 mm fabs, include one order for Veeco’s newest, high-throughput Dimension Vx 340 AFP. The Vx340 enables depth measurements for shallow trench isolation, dual damascene etch and planarity for copper, low-k and STI CMP on devices with with features as small as 65 nm. In addition, the Vx340 provides productivity enhancements in throughput with the resolution of an atomic force microscope and the long-scan capability of a profiler.

The orders for the Dimension Vx series AFPs in Asia and Japan reflect the semiconductor industry’s growing need for 90 nm nondestructive in-line metrology," says Lloyd LaComb, senior vice president and general manager of Veeco’s semiconductor metrology group. "Given this challenge, Veeco developed new versions of our Vx products with improved resolution and capability to enable users to accurately characterize and control etch and CMP processes and improve overall yields."

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Veeco Instruments Inc.

Veeco is a provider of metrology and process equipment solutions used by manufacturers in the HB-LED, solar, data storage, semiconductor, scientific research, and industrial markets. These industries help create a wide range of information-age technology and products, such as portable music players, cell phones, PDAs, digital video recorders, backlighting for computers and TVs, architectural and automotive lighting, solar cells, and much more. Its products are also critical enabling instruments used in the advancement of scientific research, life sciences, and nanotechnology. Veeco's metrology tools are used to measure at the nanoscale, and its process equipment tools help create nanoscale devices. Veeco partners with its global customers to deliver the enabling technology, experience, and support they need to succeed around the world and around the clock.