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Wayland Additive
Wayland’s Calibur3 optimizes powder delivery and reduces material waste
Alessandro Messina
Marposs’ e.d.c. technology identifies 100% of electric-motor defects, even the latent ones
Sabine Terrasi
NDT imaging coupled with board-level, real-time image easily locates faults in composites
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Offset-aware programming of spindle transfers and bar pulls helps manufacturers drive multichannel CNC machinery
George Schuetz
Hand gauges at the point of manufacture are commonplace, but this doesn’t mean just any gauge can be used

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Updates improve usability, speed, and accuracy of nondestructive testing, analysis, and geometry repair of parts
3k detector and 225 kV X-ray provides high-contrast, high-resolution measurements, exceptional sharpness of detail
Provides supervised 24/7 remote monitoring of up to 12 environmental and equipment status conditions
ABM Equipment doubles industry-standard capabilities with Eagle Product Inspection technologies
Compact system provides semiautomatic testing and error proofing, helping reduce operator motion and overall cycle time
Rigaku KT-500 features HIRES technology for superior analysis of carbon steels and more
Freedom software provides real-time data collection and custom solutions for any size shop, any machine type, any brand.

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Zeiss Presents Entrepreneur Awards

Published: Monday, January 31, 2005 - 23:00

Carl Zeiss AQ recently presented three awards to young entrepreneurs for their outstanding business plans in the German optical technologies industry. It was the first time the company widely advertised the competition in Europe. First place was awarded to Günther Kamlage, for his unique laser procedure for microsystem and nanosystem technology. The use of new ultra-short pulse lasers enables extremely high accuracies without damaging thermal effects. Kamlage’s technique could be useful to the automobile industry, in biomedical technology and in computer-chip fabrication.

Second place was awarded to Thorsten Heiman, for his Helion GmbH project for the development and sales of antiglare cameras and camera systems to compensate for extreme light conditions.

Detlef Schulz was awarded third place for this founding of Mereg GmbH, a company focused on a new solar technology that uses high energy yields per surface with drastically reduced manufacturing costs.

The winners were chosen by a jury of 12 industry experts. For more information, visit www.zeiss.com.


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