Metrology News

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Event to focus on quality challenges in the aerospace industry.
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New site focuses on support, contract inspection services, software training, and demonstration of equipment.
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Microscope can actually stream true pixels at higher resolutions.
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Trade in old SMRs for 35 percent off list price on new Brunson-certified target holders.
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Right-angle T-series camera has advanced image processing software.
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World's smallest laser could be key breakthrough for nanophotonics.
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Portable flaw detector from GE for use in the oil and gas, power, aerospace, and automotive industries.
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Automation Trainer and Artel teach students liquid handling operations on a variety of automated liquid handlers.
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Fluke Cash for Clunkers $500 rebate program
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The ultimate torque measurement, calibration, and data archiving system
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Precise optical inspection for the semiconductor and electronics industry
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Overview of GD&T principles and a review of the changes to the 2009 version
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Frequency range of 300 kHz to 6.4 GHz ensures high intermodulation suppression.
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Instructors must apply for thermal imaging cameras by Sept. 14
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Helps determine if and where shielding is needed to protect vital electronic instrumentation from malfunction or damage
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Company expects to save approximately $4.1 million annually.
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Rating based on accuracy of calibration results.
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Vision alignment and inspection applications for photovoltaic solar production
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Smart manometer brings high precision and value to hand-held manometer users.