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MTS Offers CAE Calibrator for NASTRAN

Published: Monday, December 1, 2003 - 22:00

MTS Systems Corp. has released its CAE Calibrator for NASTRAN, a software application that enables NASTRAN users to leverage test and external data to compare, correlate, calibrate and automatically update computer-aided engineering models for structural dynamics.

The offering was unveiled at this year’s North American Noise and Vibration User Group Meeting in Detroit and the MSC.Software Virtual Product Development Conference in Japan. The software ensures that CAE models’ performance accurately matches test data, other CAE models and user-entered design targets.

"CAE Calibrator for NASTRAN builds on a series of recent product introductions from MTS focused on increasing the pace of test, making test data ubiquitous and better correlating CAE and test," says Doug Marinaro, vice president of software and consulting for MTS. "This new product enables seamless model correlation, extending MTS’ growing offering of solutions that make calibrating CAE models and physical tests a science instead of an art."

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