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Quality Digest Live -- August 24, 2018

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Century-Old Factory Gets an Upgrade with 6S

How Leaders Can Foster a Growth Mindset

Interview with Kelly Allan, Chairman of the Advisory Council of the W. Edwards Deming Institute

Interview with Dan Jacob, Practice Director and Principal Analyst, LNS Research




Quality Digest Live -- August 3, 2018

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Trends in Global Supply Chain Management
Plus: An interview with Tom Gosselin, director of supply chain services, DNV GL
Webinar: Trends in Global Supply Chain Management

CMS Corner: Interview with Gary Confalone and Scott Sandwith at CMSC 2018

FDA and Greenlight Guru Announce Case for Quality Webinar Series. An interview with Jon Speer, founder and vice president of QA/RA, Greenlight Guru




Quality Digest Live -- June 1, 2018

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SPECIAL EPISODE: Roundtable Discussion of the U.S-China Relationship
Mike Richman and Dirk Dusharme are joined by Quality Digest CEO Jeff Dewar to discuss a series of reports published this week on


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