QDL Tech Corner: Lasertec Optelics Hybrid Confocal Microscope

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Tech Corner: Lasertec Optelics Hybrid Confocal Microscope

Laser and white-light confocal in one body

We take a closer look at the Lasertec Optelics Hybrid Confocal Microscope, which features high resolution, wide FOV, nano-scale measurement, and wavelength selection.


Autonomous metrology: Part 2

We interviewed Jamie Fernandes, chief product officer for ETQ, and John Taylor, chief technology officer at ETQ, about the connection between quality management system software and autonomous metrology. How does integrating the two play into predictive quality and closed-loop manufacturing?

Filmed at the HxGN LIVE user conference in Las Vegas.

Hexagon Nexus: https://nexus.hexagon.com/

Autonomous Metrology: Part 1

In this interview with Gary Peacock, general manager for metrology software at Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division, we learn the distinction between autonomous vs automatic metrology and how AI ties into that. We also discuss the role of digital twins and other technology, such as Hexagon's Nexus platform. And finally, how do we handle the transfer of certain tasks from humans to automation? What roll do people and their inherent skills play in all of this?

This episode was filmed at the HxGN LIVE conference in Las Vegas.

What do quality professionals think about their jobs?

At last year's Masters Summit hosted by MasterControl, Quality Digest CEO Jeff Dewar asked attendees about their jobs. Since most were quality professionals, he cast a wide net and simply asked what they loved and hated about what they do.

Stay In Your Lane: How to Compete In a Saturated Market
Matt Lowe, chief strategy officer at MasterControl, talks about teamwork, how QMS software companies can compete in a saturated market, and what skills are needed for future quality professionals.
Using failure to succeed

Quality Digest CEO Jeff Dewar talks with Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl, about corporate culture and the value of failure.

You Can’t Spell Quality Without IT: An interview with Shelly LaPointe

IT and quality are usually kept separate in the corporate world—or considered two different beasts. But in his interview with Shelly LaPointe, head of Thermo Fisher’s IT department, Quality Digest CEO Jeff Dewar discovers a different relationship emerging. One of multiple interviews conducted during Master Control’s Masters Summit, which boasted approximately 1,000 attendees and multiple speakers within the manufacturing and tech industries, Dewar's conversation with LaPointe reveals insights into how IT professionals and quality management can work together to create a more cohesive and skillful workforce.

Nikon demos latest metrology equipment

At IMTS in Chicago this year we looked at measurement solutions from Nikon, including a measuring microscope, optical comparator, stereo microscope with high-definition 24MP camera, and the NEXIV video measuring system.

MM-400 Measuring Microscope

DIGIMICRO Height Gauge

V-12B Profile Projector 

Digital Sight 10 Microscopy Camera

SMZ25 Stereo Microscope

NIS-Elements Microscope Imaging Software

NEXIV VMZ-S Video Measuring Systems

An interview with ASQ CEO Ann Jordan and ASQE CEO Jim Templin
What is the relationship between the two organizations. What is the "grand vision" for creating synergy between the two and how this has affected membership and certifications of quality professionals.
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