Metrology News

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New S1 systems offer high volume production testing of compression and extension springs
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S-T optical equipment owners encouraged to register their equipment with Dorsey Metrology
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They’re spring-loaded AC LVDTs ideal for roundness measurements, automotive testing and materials testing
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Works with Marposs LVDT/HVT manual gauges
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Metallography and hardness-testing techniques for steel, iron-based metals, and heat/surface-treated materials
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Offering convenient and cost-effective friction materials testing for automotive industry
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High-performance, 3D metrology value accessible to all industries
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They are the ultimate solution in force measurement versatility
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Designed to hold delicate round parts without distortion for vision inspection
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Parts can be checked for defects without being transferred to a measurement lab
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Software enables seamless communication between Verisurf AUTOMATE and popular CMM and head controllers
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IoT platform uncovers insights into tooling optimization to enhance machine reliability for customers
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Replace mechanical indicating applications in smallest AGD size specification class
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The FDA wants medical device manufactures to succeed, new technologies in supply chain managment
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A new path for local hardware connectivity
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mCaliper transfers, processes, and visualizes measurement data collected with tools like digital calipers, micrometers
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Robot-served vision, new force-testing products, and electronic gauges at booth No. 135532
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Machine demos, technology previews, and a daily happy hour at booth No. 338319
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Other exhibits will feature machine tools to demonstrate tool setting, probing, machine monitoring, and robotic gauging
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Marposs Mida Laser 75P Hybrid combines a noncontact laser and touch probe in one system