Metrology News

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Provides even, shadow-free illumination; variable light control adds flexibility
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Portable measurement experts urged to submit abstracts for presentation and publication opportunities
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For measurement versatility on up to three orthogonal axes
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Integrates sensors in smartphone, IoT, automotive, and other product designs
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Ergonomic, safety, and reliability enhancements comply with the latest European standards
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Marking and cutting lasers used in manufacturing endoscopic devices and catheters
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Technique provides about a sixfold improvement over regular microscopes
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Discrete, analog, clear object, and IO-link models available
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Characterizes resistance of thin films and coatings to scratching, cracking, chipping, scuffing, and delamination
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Norwegian authorities release Rollén during investigation for insider trading
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The charge is based on ‘misinterpretation of the factual and legal issues in the matter,’ say attorneys
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Edgetech also offers same-day response for replacement sensors and subassemblies