Metrology News

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Stereotactic robot helps identify target and deliver electrodes to target with submillimetric accuracy
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GOM CT scanner offers highest accuracy and resolution of any 225kV system available today
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Instantly separates surface texture into wavelength bands, displays data in highly intuitive, single-screen interface
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Delivers production calibration and color profiling capabilities for the widest range of industrial print applications
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Provides eight operating modes and five alarms
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The profile measurement system has an accuracy of 5 µm and a measuring range of 1 mm to 50 mm diameter
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Kreon breaks new ground with 3D scanner designed mainly for CMM applications
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ATOS Triple Scan used to design 12 bronze busts
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New NIST chip hints at quantum sensors of the future
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Deal provides new and better solutions for customers
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New portable, wireless optical coordinate measuring system
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Full-field, high-accuracy noncontact part measurements with fully automated scanning
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“Simplifying the lives of our customers while keeping them fully in control”
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State-of-the-art facility built with Hexagon technology
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Ideal for measuring large components in precision machining, casting, plastic moldings, electronics, and PCB inspection
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Identify leaks in cooling tubes, hoses, and plates; prismatic battery cells and modules; battery pack assemblies
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Met with students to teach them about metrology using the Artec Leo and Geomagic Design X
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Deep Reality Viewer creates stereo, high-definition 3D images without using a monitor
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Total focusing methods exceed conventional imaging by optimally focusing at each point of the reconstruction zone
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ATS600 is the world’s first metrology-grade scanning laser tracker