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ISO/TS 22002-1—“Prerequisite programs on food safety—Part 1: food manufacturing”
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Agency says Bayesian statistical methods could trim costs, boost efficiency.
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Program educates medical device manufacturers on CE marking regulatory process and breaking into European market.
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Free Live Webcast—Thursday, Jan. 21, 1 p.m. EST.
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Update features the newest technological developments
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Sentinel System will bolster the FDA’s efforts in monitoring product safety.
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Streamline and strengthen the problem solving process by promoting collaboration.
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Product safety testing capabilities increased for Canadian market.
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New book establishes quality as a key element of management practices.
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Shearer’s Foods implements software to enhance automated quality control.
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Consumers must wade through a sea of green promises.
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For when the FDA says it’s up to you but you haven’t a clue.
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For manufacturers, clinic labs, and patient-care facility management
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New method enables rapid and accurate identification and quantification of pesticides in rice.
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Reduces the risk of errors, increases efficiency, and is easy to use
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Evaluation kit for passive, wireless temperature monitoring for industrial process control applications
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Provides guidance to all parties involved in the consumer product supply chain
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Thousands of medical device standards in a single click.
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Proven systematic best practices and strategies
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Suggested topics, review criteria and selection process, and guidelines