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(IAQG: Warrendale, Pennsylvania) -- In an effort to improve product quality and prompt delivery of products, the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) released a revision to AS9100, the quality management system (QMS) standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries.

The AS9100 quality standard is based on ISO 9001, adding requirements specific to the aviation, space, and defense industry. To make significant improvements in quality and reduce cost throughout the value stream, teams worked together to implement initiatives while striving to meet the needs of stakeholders. With this goal in mind, nearly 700 comments and change recommendations were reviewed by the IAQG AS9100 team.

Some of the changes to 9100 include:

  • Expansion of scope to include land and sea based systems for defense
  • Risk management
  • Project management
  • Configuration management
  • Critical items and special requirements

The release later this year of the revised quality management system standard is a vital step toward achieving the IAQG goal of transforming the on-time, on-quality, delivery (OTOQD) performance of the aviation, space, and defense industry, according to Bill Black, IAQG president.

“Our mission in IAQG is to raise dramatically the OTOQD performance of our industry for the benefit of our customers and our shareholders,” says Black. “This collaborative effort of the major industrial players takes a great leap forward with the next issue of the AS9100 standard that defines the foundation of our business operations.”

The standard can be can be obtained from national and regional standards publication bodies. The IAQG will provide and post on their web site AS9100 deployment support material to accompany the release of AS9100.

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