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Engaging front-line staff in sustainable continuous improvements
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It’s mostly about who gets paid and what we pay them for
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Incentives neither affect behavior nor help meet health-care quality and cost goals
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Eagle Pack 400 HC X-ray inspection system withstands harsh wash-down environments
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Kauffman Foundation task force suggests incremental approaches to efficient health care reform
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Allows for full travel tests of sutures, catheter tubings, and latex gloves
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From the author of On the Mend, winner of Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award
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Introductory webinar scheduled for April 13, 2012, at 3 p.m. EDT
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Most companies plan to fix problem by increasing marketing spending, redeploying resources
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Creating the efficient hospital of the future
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Durable construction gives superior ability to tolerate tip deflections and moderate bending
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Sharpen the skills needed to create integrated, coordinated, cost-effective care
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Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education announces major changes
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March 20–22, 2012, in Buffalo, NY
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Hospitals establish proven standards of care that outpace industry trends and national averages
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Specific tools and techniques to integrate regulatory compliance with the project life cycle
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Fifteen highest-performing hospital systems improve quality