Webinar: New ISO Quality People Management Standards and ISO 10018 Certification

Standard recognizes that everyone is critical to a successful quality management process.

Bruce Bolger

March 14, 2018

(ICEE: Galveston, TX) -- The new ISO 9001:2015 standards include one of the most significant additions since the creation of ISO 9000—a recognition that the engagement of all stakeholders is critical to a successful quality management process. The webinar will cover the new ISO 9001:2015 standards addressing the seven updated ISO quality management principles that include the new focus on people; will explain the new clauses, as well as the new ISO 10018 quality people management standards and certification to provide a complete system for success.

In the webinar on Tue., March 20 at 2 pm, Dr. Ron McKinley, co-founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at the University of Texas Medical Branch, provides on overview of how to profit from the new people management standards in ISO 9001 and the new ISO 10018 Certification. ICEE is the first organization to provide certification for ISO 10018 Quality People Management standards, which provide all the elements necessary to address the new people management standards in ISO 9001:2015.

Register for this one-hour introductory webinar on March 20, 2018, co-hosted by Quality Digest, titled, “ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10018: Developing People Engagement In a QMS.”

Many quality professionals remain unaware that a systematic approach to human resources is now a requirement in ISO 9001:2015. The webinar will provide a general introduction to the new ISO 9001 quality people management clauses as well as the new ISO 10018 quality people management standards certification. The webinar is designed for anyone involved with quality management, ISO 9001 audits, and quality consulting.

In the webinar, McKinley will outline the seven quality management principles involving people; the five ISO 9001:2015 quality people management clauses that IS0 9001 organizations now need to address, and the framework outlined in ISO 10018 required to achieve certification from the International Center for Enterprise Engagement.

If you cannot attend the webinar, you can learn about the new ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 quality people management standards through four new education and advisory resources.

1. In print: Enterprise Engagement: The Roadmap, How to Achieve Organizational Results Through People and Qualify for ISO 10018 Certification. This new book is designed to help any organization translate these standards into a formal strategy to improve results through people that can be applied to support overall organizational culture and brand objectives, or tactical goals in sales, marketing, human resources, operations, and community-building activities. Click here to order.
2. Online: The Enterprise Engagement Academy. This is the place to gain proficiency and certification in the enterprise engagement practices necessary to earn an ISO 10018 certification for an employer or solution provider. You can find out more by clicking here.
3. Live: May 7-8, Galveston, Texas—“ISO 9001 and ISO 10018 Quality People Management: Enterprise Engagement in Action.” This one-and-a-half-day conference is designed to educate organizational professionals on the economics and principles of enterprise engagement and to prepare those interested in gaining the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s Advanced Engagement Practitioner certification necessary for solution providers seeking an ISO 10018 developer certification or for employers seeking to profit from the ISO 10018 framework. Click here to learn more about the conference.
4. The Engagement Agency. This unique resource provides advisory services for organizations, consultants, and other solution providers. Explore these options by clicking here.

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