Sustainability News

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Oak Ridge Lab is developing technology to coordinate solar microgrids
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The startup is developing a device that can collect tire debris, the second-largest cause of plastic pollution on the planet
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Discovery breaks barrier to fast charging
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Global survey of more than 1,100 sustainability professionals
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Could be used for basic performance information on raw materials used in the most common 3D printers
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Extends focus on data-driven explainability and adds customizability
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For scenarios that require a rapid response
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Product placement lends depth to sustainability
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It is a smart way to eliminate waste and maximize value
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More than 40% of directors surveyed cite the ability of companies to execute as one of the biggest threats to improving ESG performance
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Xcelerator enables Saildrone to easily integrate mechanical and electronic design information
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Standards for plastics enjoy a privileged status
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Only 25% have integrated ESG scoring into existing investment manager selection processes
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Awards available in Kentucky, Nebraska, Rhode Island and South Dakota
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World standards leaders issued a call to action to the heads of state
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More than half of respondents expect to meet Industry 4.0 goals within two years
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Both quality professionals and their business leaders agree that openness and communication is essential to moving forward