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By: J. R. De Feo and Brian Stockhoff

Managing for quality is breaking new ground. Increasingly, organizations are being encouraged to look at the entire landscape unfolding before them from the perspective of a balanced array of outcomes characterized by what authors Andrew Savitz and Karl Weber call The Triple Bottom Line (Jossey-Bass, 2006) of people, planet, and profits.

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By: Raissa Carey

Most of us know that Wal-Mart has been a big player in the “green” movement. The world’s biggest retailer takes the whole “let’s save the planet” talk very seriously. So it wasn’t with much shock that in July the company announced a worldwide sustainability index initiative—a single source of data for evaluating the sustainability of products.

The index will be introduced in three phases. First, the giant retailer will perform a supplier assessment through a survey to evaluate the suppliers’ own sustainability.

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