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Nikon Integrates WebSlide Software With COOLSCOPE VS

Published: Sunday, March 14, 2004 - 23:00

Nikon Instruments Inc. has signed an exclusive agreement with Bacus Laboratories Inc. to integrate Bacus’ WebSlide virtual microscopy software with the enhanced version of its digital COOLSCOPE VS.

The agreement will enable pathologists, educators and researchers to produce, view and distribute virtual slide images of their glass slide specimens. By combining Bacus’ software technology with COOLSCOPE’s digital capabilities, users will be able to capture the entire specimen area (or portions of it) at high resolution and automatically assemble it into a virtual slide to view it. The combined technologies enable users to view specimens through a standard Internet connection.

"The integration of COOLSCOPE’s digital imaging and automated Web-enabled microscopy functions with Bacus Laboratories’ virtual microscopy software has created a fantastic product synergy between these two technologies," says Lee Shuett, executive vice president of Nikon Instruments. "This product union brings significant and important benefits to diagnosticians, scientists and educators."

For more information about the COOLSCOPE VS, click here. For more information about Bacus Laboratories, click here.


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