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Manual Pipetting of 96 Wells in One Go

The Liquidator96 is a unique and flexible tool that speeds liquid handling

Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 - 13:19

(Mettler-Toledo: Columbus, OH) -- The Liquidator96, from Mettler-Toledo, researcher and developer of precision instruments, is a manual bench-top pipettor that drives measurable efficiency in leading-edge genomics, proteomics, and cellular studies.

Molecular biology techniques that enable the researcher to understand disease mechanisms and associated biological pathways—and in turn generate viable leads—can be time-consuming and prone to human error. These multistep genomic, proteomic, and cell-based assays generally use standard 96- and 384-well plate formats to achieve cost-effective, high-throughput testing using very low sample and reagent volumes. Accuracy in filling these 96-well and 384-well plates is critical to ensuring the integrity and statistical validity of study data.

Convenient, accurate, fast

The Liquidator96 system allows users to fill 96-well or 384-well plates rapidly, yet requires no electricity or setup time. The system is easy to use and has a sturdy, portable design that allows users to easily move it from benchtop to laminar flow hood. The system increases speed and accuracy compared to handheld single- or multichannel pipettes, and also provides an efficient, cost-effective alternative to complicated robotic systems.

Direct control

The user easily controls the speed of pipetting with the Liquidator96. For rapid filling of PCR master mix into a PCR plate, for example, the user can choose the quickest aspiration and dispensing time. For more viscous samples or precious samples that need slower flow rates to prevent shearing, the researcher can manually slow down the aspirate and dispense rates.

100-percent inert and contamination free

Mettler-Toledo’s BioClean tips, which are a part of every Liquidator96 run, further ensure that researchers avoid contamination that can compromise data integrity.

Minimal training and simple, routine maintenance ensure that Liquidator96—a unique and flexible tool that speeds liquid handling—provides top performance and increased workflow efficiency for anyone in biopharma and CRO labs.


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Originally known for weighing technologies, today Mettler-Toledo International Inc. is a recognized leader in the research and development of products and services in communications, optics, robotics, and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful laboratory, industrial, and retail solutions. Mettler-Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in the precision instrument industry on a global level. It is a pioneer in the field of automated chemistry and in developing automatic, accurate, dimensioning and data capture technologies for the transportation/logistics industry.