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Book: Knowledge Management and E-Learning

Digital media engagement and future trends revealed

Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 05:00

(CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL) -- The growing demand for online courses and supporting technology has resulted in structural and functional challenges for universities and colleges. These changes have led many distance-education providers to recognize the value of understanding the fundamental concepts of both e-learning and knowledge management, including the e-learning economic model and how to change the current culture of delivery system providers. Answering that need, Knowledge Management and E-Learning (CRC Press, 2010) examines knowledge management practices, techniques, and methodologies in e-learning. These chapters explain how knowledge capture, retention, transfer, and sharing can help enhance the e-learning experience.

Edited by Jay Liebowitz, Ph.D., and Michael S. Frank, Ph.D., and written by leading authorities in the fields of knowledge management and e-learning, the book contains international case studies that illustrate the applications of knowledge management to e-learning in businesses, government agencies, and universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. The text is divided into four parts: setting the stage, methodologies and techniques, case studies and applications, and industry perspectives.


• Provides in-depth coverage of how e-learning benefits from knowledge capture, retention, transfer, and sharing
• Includes case studies that examine the applications of knowledge management to e-learning in businesses, government agencies, and universities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Europe
• Discusses how digital media engagement and social media can enhance the e-learning experience
• Includes a summary of current and future trends by experts from academia, government, and industry


Jay Liebowitz, Ph.D., is the Orkand Endowed chair of management and technology in the Graduate School of Management and Technology at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). He previously served as a professor in the Carey Business School at John Hopkins University. He was recently ranked one of the top 10 knowledge management researchers and practitioners out of 11,000 worldwide. He has published more than 40 books and myriad journal articles on knowledge management, intelligent systems, and information technology management.

Michael S. Frank, Ph.D., serves as vice provost and dean of the University of Maryland University College’s Graduate School of Management and Technology, where he chairs the departments of information technology systems and general management programs Frank’s teaching, research, publication, and consulting interests reside in the fields of human resource management, organization theory, technology issues, and e-learning.


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CRC Press is a premier global publisher of science, technology, and medical resources. It offers unique, trusted content by expert authors, spreading knowledge and promoting discovery worldwide. Its aim is to broaden thinking and advance understanding in the sciences, providing researchers, academics, professionals, and students with the tools they need to share ideas and realize their potential. CRC Press is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.