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Weigh Module for Safe Weighing to 100 Tons

Safely convert tanks and vessels into high-capacity scales

Published: Monday, December 17, 2012 - 12:01

(Mettler-Toledo: Columbus, OH) -- Weighing large tanks, vessels, and silos presents safety challenges, and weigh modules can be difficult to install, which takes unnecessary time and adds costs. Mettler-Toledo has introduced a new 100 Ton PinMount weigh module that offers manufacturers an opportunity to easily and safely convert such structures into high-capacity scales, even in harsh environments and classified hazardous areas. The models in the PinMount weigh module family weigh from 7.5 to 100 tons.

It is a more valuable use of time for machine and instrument builders to focus their engineering efforts on developing core technologies, not on integrating components from suppliers. PinMount weigh modules are easy to integrate onto existing structures and provide important SafeLock safety features, which make installation foolproof. Those features simplify installation of tank, silo, and conveyor scales, and can prevent accidents and ensure efficient installation. Installing these weigh modules right the first time means more uptime and therefore greater profit.

When manufacturers measure expensive raw materials, accuracy matters. However, it can be difficult for manufacturers to obtain accurate readings on tanks due to lateral movement and thermal expansion. Those conditions do not affect the PinMount’s performance because its design incorporates self-aligning, rocker-style load cells, ensuring accuracy in an array of industrial applications.

Environmental conditions, such as wind forces and seismic activity, and even accidental contact, can cause tanks, vessels, and silos to tip over, costing manufacturers money and presenting a safety hazard. The PinMount’s dual anti-lift devices and vertical downstops prevent damage due to environmental forces and component failure, protecting profits and lives.

Flexible placement, efficient mounting, and calibration without weights makes installation of weigh modules to the large vessels safe, economical, and easy.

To learn more about the PinMount weigh module family, visit www.mt.com/pinmount.


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Originally known for weighing technologies, today Mettler-Toledo International Inc. is a recognized leader in the research and development of products and services in communications, optics, robotics, and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful laboratory, industrial, and retail solutions. Mettler-Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in the precision instrument industry on a global level. It is a pioneer in the field of automated chemistry and in developing automatic, accurate, dimensioning and data capture technologies for the transportation/logistics industry.