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ReactIRTM 45P Enables Process Transfer at Any Scale

Manages lab-to-plant scale-up with precision and efficiency

Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - 11:28

(Mettler-Toledo: Greifensee, Switzerland) -- Mettler-Toledo Inc., a leader in the research and development of products and services in the precision instrument industry, has released its ReactIR 45P for real-time in situ IR analysis. Next-generation technology allows reaction scale-up to be studied under actual process conditions. The information it provides ensures that critical yield and product purity are maintained, saving time and money while enhancing safety and compliance in sensitive manufacturing processes.

Designed to operate in the lab as well as classified areas, ReactIR 45P uses preferred in situ monitoring to study the formation and consumption of starting materials, intermediates, and other species in reaction. However, because of its size and instrumentation, the same machine can be used as the process is scaled, eliminating the difficulty of transferring calibration data between analyzers. Not only does this enhance time-savings, chemists and engineers can also develop a direct process understanding and continue monitoring as the process is scaled. This results in fewer reaction surprises and an easier transfer of precision processes from lab to plant.

Using proved sampling technology, ReactIR 45P, which replaces the Mettler-Toledo MonArc instrument, has successfully monitored hundreds of chemistry reaction classes, including hydrogenations, Grignard reactions, lithiations, halogenations and acid-chloride reactions. The iC Series software, including iC IRT and iC ProcessT, effortlessly turns this reaction data into chemical information for rapid analysis. Desired reaction goals are reached in less time.

These robust iC software packages come as standard on ReactIR 45P, along with detailed audit and event logs to enhance compliance. A hardened interferometer with multilevel vibration insolation, purge, and pressurized NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure, thermoelectric cooler, and DS Series sampling technology ensure enhanced reaction protection and environmental control. Full support for distributed control systems via industry-standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC UA offer robust communication options as well.

Additional equipment options allow manufacturers to tailor ReactIR 45P to their specific needs. For more on how ReactIR 45P can help manage lab-to-plant scale-up with greater precision and efficiency, visit www.mt.com/reactir45p, or download the “In Situ Spectroscopy” pdf.


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Originally known for weighing technologies, today Mettler-Toledo International Inc. is a recognized leader in the research and development of products and services in communications, optics, robotics, and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful laboratory, industrial, and retail solutions. Mettler-Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in the precision instrument industry on a global level. It is a pioneer in the field of automated chemistry and in developing automatic, accurate, dimensioning and data capture technologies for the transportation/logistics industry.