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Rainin E4 XLS Proves Key to Mastering Multiple Pipette Applications

The E4 is the most ergonomic electronic pipette available

Published: Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 11:02

(Mettler-Toledo: Oakland, CA) -- After nearly a year on the market, the Rainin E4 XLS family of flexible electronic pipettes from Mettler-Toledo continues to prove its worth by helping users master a wide range of life-science applications. The Rainin E4 XLS also helps manufacturers preserve research budgets and keep experienced operators on the job longer with its hand-saving design and accuracy.

Designed to be the most ergonomic electronic pipette available, the E4 XLS has a comfortable grip and precise balance plus a large full-color screen for easy reading and operation. The E4’s joystick control and logical menus enhance speed and prevent user fatigue, and are available in single channel, multichannel, and adjustable spacer formats to simplify switching between functions. This ease of use helps experienced operators accomplish more with fewer errors for manufacturing cost-savings in reduced rework. Less impact to the hand’s delicate musculature can translate to fewer repetitive motion injuries and lowered healthcare and labor training costs.

The E4 XLS is also extremely versatile and offers a wide range of pipetting functions. These include titration, dilution, reverse-mode pipetting, and sequential volume programming for complex protocols. A multi-dispense feature automatically calculates how many aliquots can be dispensed from a single pickup so operators quickly ascertain how many samples can be prepared. Autopace simplifies repeat dispensing with one-click dispensing across a plate based on user input, and the advanced blowout and automatic dispensing options give users even more control. TrueManual mode is also available for a manual pipetting experience when desired.

Embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags enable advanced calibration and inventory management. As part of its robust software package, the E4 XLS is the first electronic pipette that can be upgraded and expanded directly from an operator’s PC, easing maintenance and helping to ensure a long operating life.

With this range of options and ease of maintenance, E4 XLS meets the requirements of almost any sensitive life-science experiment. To see the E4 XLS advanced operation carousel menu in action or learn more about how E4 XLS can extend the application mastery of operators in your lab, visit www.mt.com/e4.


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