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Product News: LabX 2010 Software Guides Users Through Applications

Supports XP and XS Balances, as well new density meters and refractometers from METTLER TOLEDO

Published: Friday, April 23, 2010 - 14:03

(Mettler-Toledo Inc.: Columbus, OH) -- METTLER-TOLEDO, a global supplier of precision instruments and services, has released the latest version of its unique laboratory software, LabX 2010. LabX software is recognized for its unique approach to aiding the performance of laboratory weighing applications, and managing the associated data generated. The all new LabX 2010 release supports XP and XS Balances as well as the new line of density meters and refractometers from METTLER-TOLEDO. The software’s variety of included one-click application solutions help users perform their routine tasks with a single touch of the instrument’s dynamic display for fast, easy, and secure workflows. This and more are all part of Laboratory Solutions Powered by LabX 2010.

LabX 2010 securely manages the entire application including automatically performing all calculations, guiding users through the workflow, and report generation. It also has the capacity for secure data storage and data export/import—with full regulatory compliance if required. The new LabX software supports XP and XS Balances and the new LiquiPhysics Excellence Density and Refractometers. LabX 2010 server edition allows the connection of up to 30 laboratory instruments, and enables smooth integration with other lab data systems such as ELN, LIMS, CDS, and SAP. Routine tasks are performed by users, step-by-step, according to the established standard operating procedure (SOP) directly via the instrument display under the management of the selected method application in LabX 2010. The approach helps ensure that all instrumentation is properly tested and suitable for use, and that only correct data is generated. LabX 2010 includes a complete range of ready-to-use method templates for the most common weighing, density, or refractive index applications.

OneClick weighing solutions

The new built-in OneClick application solutions include all necessary steps for fast and easy performance of common lab tasks. For example, new OneClick Standards Solution Preparation in LabX 2010 swiftly guides the user through error-free preparation of reference standard solutions including accurate weighing of the reference compound, solvent addition, labeling, automatic calculation of all concentrations, and comprehensive reporting. Even more specialized applications such as Sieve Analysis and Loss on Drying are included in LabX 2010. Using the graphical method editor, any built-in application can be easily adapted to any type of workflow without any programming knowledge required.

Flexible and tailored modules for individual requirements

LabX 2010 can be tailored to fit individual process requirements: The user can easily add options to meet the needs of regulated environments, product handling, or automated import and export, or create virtually any application to be accomplished. LabX 2010 also supports the new LiquiPhysics Excellence line, and is designed to facilitate density and refractive index determinations within different industry segments such as food and beverage, flavors and fragrances, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. For example, LabX 2010 will automatically convert all measurement results into user-defined units, such as alcohol concentrations. Additionally, the SmartCode feature lets the user begin a fully-automated measurement cycle ensuring use of the correct method.

LabX 2010 is designed to provide users of METTLER-TOLEDO instruments maximum flexibility, efficiency, and security when performing measurements, managing instrument settings and data, and meeting the user organization’s specific needs. Along with the capability of integrating instruments connected in a central system with other data systems, LabX 2010 provides an unprecedented level of possibility and flexibility unavailable in previous versions.

LabX 2010 is available now.


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