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Good Weighing Practice Verification Increases Weighing Accuracy

Mettler-Toledo service ensures final-product consistency through expert assessment and benchmarking

Published: Friday, June 24, 2011 - 15:47

(Mettler-Toledo Inc.: Columbus, OH) -- Mettler-Toledo has launched GWP Verification, a service to improve manufacturing and lower quality control costs. Good weighing practice (GWP) verification virtually guarantees better weighing results, lowered equipment-testing expenses, and enhanced final-product consistency through a systematic expert assessment and benchmarking of balance performance.

GWP Verification assesses the performance of weighing equipment to ensure accuracy. A one-time investment in preventive maintenance lowers quality control costs and improves balance performance year after year. This assessment ensures better weighing, which enhances final-product consistency, brand reputation, and sales.

Many companies are not aware if their weighing instruments actually meet day-to-day accuracy requirements. Furthermore, many manufacturers either test balances and scales too often or not often enough. This affects measurement quality, and balances repeatedly fail appraisals. In turn, testing costs skyrocket as operators struggle to make improvements in the absence of reliable data and guidance.

Using a fit gap analysis, Mettler Toledo experts measure a manufacturer’s balance performance against accuracy requirements and the standards of the balance’s original equipment manufacturer. Experts then review current quality management efforts and balance testing regimens.

GWP Verification uncovers whether a customer’s current tests and testing schedule can ensure accuracy by assessing current performance vs. ideal operating standards. If they cannot, Mettler Toledo metrology experts make recommendations that establish helpful weight classes, safe-range nominal values, and effective testing frequencies. With the right test weights and test types, testing a manufacturer’s balances is optimized to deliver the highest quality results on a consistent basis.

Mettler Toledo CarePacs are one strategy used to lower ongoing maintenance costs. CarePacs allow a manufacturer to purchase only those weights required for routine testing instead of other, more expensive sets. Once these weights are up for recalibration, cost savings are solidified. Proven Mettler Toledo standard operating procedures enhance employee productivity, too.

For more on how benchmarking quality management system performance using GWP Verification can help lower testing costs while enhancing quality control and balance performance, visit www.mt.com/GWPVerification. For information on reducing balance maintenance costs using CarePacs, visit www.mt.com/CarePacs.


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Originally known for weighing technologies, today Mettler-Toledo International Inc. is a recognized leader in the research and development of products and services in communications, optics, robotics, and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful laboratory, industrial, and retail solutions. Mettler-Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in the precision instrument industry on a global level. It is a pioneer in the field of automated chemistry and in developing automatic, accurate, dimensioning and data capture technologies for the transportation/logistics industry.