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FDA Compliance

Stainless Steel Bench Scale for Industrial Applications

Features 1-second stabilization time and efficient, straightforward design

Published: Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 11:04

(Mettler-Toledo Inc.: Columbus, OH) -- Mettler-Toledo introduces the BBA226 stainless steel bench scale—a perfect fit for many applications in any industrial environment, with light hose-down requirements.

The BBA226 is a robust, rugged, cost-effective, and multifunctional stainless steel scale offering both aluminum or stainless steel load cells to best match your application. It is designed for a wide range of weighing tasks from simple weighing, to over- and under- check weighing, product classifying, and counting.

The scale features an IP65/IP67-rated stainless steel terminal with a fast stabilization time of less than one second, and a large, high-contrast LED display providing clear readability. The BBA226 features six simple and intuitive keys for easy setup and handling—resulting in minimal operator training. A standard RS-232 serial connection allows for required communication to a printer or PC.

The open, sturdy and straightforward hygienic platform design allows effective access to all parts of the construction, providing efficient cleaning and reduced potential for bacterial growth and debris buildup.

The BBA226 is available in capacities ranging from 3 kg (5 lb) to 150 kg (250 lb), with weighing platforms in both rectangular and square sizes. The bench scale features a readability of 15,000 d and is NTEP-approved for legal-for-trade applications at 5,000 d.


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Originally known for weighing technologies, today Mettler-Toledo International Inc. is a recognized leader in the research and development of products and services in communications, optics, robotics, and other technologies as well as software to integrate these technologies into powerful laboratory, industrial, and retail solutions. Mettler-Toledo offers the most comprehensive range of services in the precision instrument industry on a global level. It is a pioneer in the field of automated chemistry and in developing automatic, accurate, dimensioning and data capture technologies for the transportation/logistics industry.