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Rina Molari-Korgel


World Metrology Day Celebrates a Link That Binds Humanity

Published: Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 13:52

On World Metrology Day this Friday, May 20, I ask that you pause a minute when you look at the alarm clock in morning, and then again as you set the thermostat or look at the weather report.  World Metrology Day celebrates a link that binds humanity—the bond of a common measurement that is constant throughout our planet. It is a common thread through all cultures, just like the digital thread through manufacturing. Metrology is a common dominator, be it a liter, kilogram, millimeter, or an hour. It is a universal unit of measurement that we can all understand.

World Metrology Day is a day to celebrate our similarities and our unique contributions to the grand scheme of life. Whether you live in Croatia, or the Sudan, or Washington D.C., when an hour delay is announced for your pending flight, we all have the same concept of inconvenience. Drat the delays, because we all understand the impact.

On World Metrology Day, as you check your watch, look up the day’s temperature, or examine the traffic flow of the nearest highways, remember that a unique set of measurement standards has kept our civilization in order since the French Revolution. We are united in our measurement standards! A kilogram is a kilogram, no matter where you are in the world, and a sorry hour of delay is the same all over the globe.

A very Happy Measurement Day to all metrologists! Please take pride in all you do. Your work is instrumental and critical to industry, to your country, and to the Coordinate Metrology Society.

Measure on!


About The Author

Rina Molari-Korgel’s picture

Rina Molari-Korgel

Rina Molari-Korgel is a portable metrology application engineer at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. She has more than 30 years of industrial metrology experience, specializing in high-precision, three-dimensional data acquisition and analysis as it pertains to manufacturing processes. Molari-Korgel has been involved with the Coordinate Metrology Society since its inception in 1984, and has had an appointed place on the Executive Committee every year since 1995. She is the current executive chairperson for the Coordinate Metrology Society, a position that she has held several times in the past.