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Minitab Lesson--Quality Companion, Adding Tools

Third in a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


Adding tools to Quality Companion.


Adding tools in a roadmap

Adding a Fishbone

Adding forms

Moving forms to phases

Adding a process map

Filling out/modifying Project Charter



Minitab Lesson--Quality Companion, Starting a Project

Second in a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


Starting a project in Quality Companion




Adding team members

Assigining roles



Minitab Lesson--Navigating Quality Companion

First of a series of lessons on Minitab Quality Companion.


How to navigate Quality Companion.



* Project Manager
* Work space
* Task Pane


Hiding panes
Saving projects and templates



Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series

Overview of the Olympus EPOCH 1000 Series advanced ultrasonic flaw detector with phased array imaging.




CMSC 2009

The 25th Annual Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference

July 20-24

Louisville, Kentucky



The CMSC is the largest U.S. trade show focused solely on large-scale 3-D metrology. Attendance has grown each year, with last year reaching nearly 600 attendees. All the key players in large-scale 3-D measurement are there representing every large-scale 3-D measurement technology, including laser scanners, structured-light scanners, laser radar, photogrammetry, theodolites, articulated arms, indoor GPS, and more.

CMTC: Overview

Overview of CMTC consulting services.


Our unique organization provides manufacturing and distribution consulting services which improve California’s industrial base and our state’s economic vitality. CMTC’s organizational culture of “hands-on consulting” delivered by an exceptionally experienced team with proven capabilities provides unique client value.



Mitutoyo Crysta Plus CMM Demo


In this episode of Technorazzi, Eric Tingle of Mitutoyo demonstrates the capabilities of Mitutoyo's CRYSTA-PLUS CMM.


CRYSTA-PLUS M is a high-performance manual 3-D coordinate measuring instrument. CRYSTA-PLUS M comes into its own wherever constantly changing measuring tasks, many different types of workpiece and random sampling is the order of the day.




Click the little PDF icon to the left of "Click to open PDF."


OR email CMMPromo@mitutoyo.com

Book Shelf: Lean Hospitals--Mark Graban

Quality Digest editor, Taran March, interviews Mark Graban, author of Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction.


Available from:

Productivity Press 




Special Report: Hazardous Substance Process Management—Part 1

This is Part 1 of our series on hazardous substance process management.


In this episode we cover:

* The problem of e-waste shipped overseas


* ROHS-type legislation in the United States

* Dumping non-ROHS compliant electronics in the United States

* Difficulties of meeting ROHS-type legislation

* How a new specification IECQ HSPM QC 080000 can help companies meet the requirements of ROHS and other hazardous substance legislation.


For more information and a free white paper on QC 080000 click here.


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Special Report: Hazardous Substance Process Management—Intro

Special Report: Hazardous Substance Process Management—Part 1

Special Report: Hazardous Substance Process Management—Part 2

Quality Road Show with Mike Micklewright: Norfield Industries—Part 3

Mike Micklewright visits Norfield Industries in Chico, California.


In this third episode of the series, Dan Bird of Norfield shows Micklewright how Norfield reduced setup time for CNC machines by 90 percent.


Key elements of CNC setup reduction.

* Electronic data transfer of presetter data

* Multistage fixturing for the CNC



We'd like to thank Norfield Industries for taking the time meet with us.


Norfield Industries

43 Norfield Avenue Suite # 4

Chico, CA 95928

Tools & Supplies -800-824-6242

Machinery Sales -800-331-0999



Visit Mike Micklewright at www.mikemick.com/