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API Products Overview

Automated Precision Incorporated provides innovative 3-D measurement products for leading automotive, aerospace, machine tool and CMM companies.


This video demonstrates three of API's products.


Intelliprobe 360

Measure hidden points and deep recesses that cannot be captured by a standard SMR.


Intelliscan 360

Handheld noncontact measurement built for rugged environment. Eyesafe laser scanner quickly scans surfaces capturing millions of points in just a few seconds.



Accurate, easy-to-use portable CMM

Profiles in Quality: Wayne Ferch, CEO Feather River Hospital

In this episode of Profile in Quality we interview Wayne Ferch, president and CEO of Feather River Hospital.


 Feather River Hospital is a 101-bed facility nestled into the hills in Paradise, California. It is a three-time winner of the Baldrige-based California Awards For Performance Excellence (CAPE). In 2008 it won CAPE's highest honor, the Gold-level Eureka Award.


Today Feather River Hospital is pursuing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Capture 3-D ATOS Scanning X-Box Controller

Capture 3D is the leader in providing non-contact optical 3-D metrology solutions for quality control/inspection, reverse engineering, rapid manufacturing and CFD/FEA analysis.


This video displays our ATOS MC-XL automated multi-axis scanning and inspection system. It is measuring a plastic Xbox controller and comparing the scan data back to CAD for fast and robust inspection. The inspection output is in an easy to view 3-D color map. This enables the user to quickly see where the part is in and out of tolerance, as well as the geometric features. It captures accurate data and full part definition very fast for repeatable results and increased throughput.


For more information that is pertinent to your industry and/or application, please contact info@capture3d.com  and visit us on the web at www.capture3d.com.  

CogniTens Opticell Automated Non-Contact Inspection

CogniTens, a Hexagon Metrology company, has designed and developed the OptiCell as a fully automated dimensional measurement platform for conducting repetitive measurements of automotive panels, parts and assemblies in various stages of development, engineering and ramp-up all through to mass production.


OptiCell, a PACE Award Winning solution is today used by global manufacturers and along with its embedded software allows:

• Planning and defining fully automated measurement programs

• Executing the measurement programs on the production floor

• Real time analysis of meaningful measurement results

• Automatically distributing measurement results across the organization

• Interface to SPC and off-line analysis systems



Ogihara Automates 3D Inspection with OptiCell

Ogihara America Corporation is a subsidiary of the Japanese Ogihara Corporation, one of the largest independent automotive die manufacturers in the world today. Ogihara is a Tier 1 supplier known for its exceptional product quality of automotive class A parts, assemblies and related body panels. Ogihara operates in the US from its Howell based facility in Michigan.


Ogihara’s production facilities provide critical parts and assemblies to General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler as well as to several Japanese “transplants” across North America. All Ogihara facilities around the world share common processes for ensuring lean and streamlined operation. Common processes help Ogihara develop and manufacture more cost effectively while ensuring the best quality for the customer at all times.


Following a successful implementation of CogniTens Optigo based solutions at Ogihara’s US based facilities; Ogihara's management decided to take its implementation to the next level. Ogihara chose to be one of the first suppliers to fully automate the dimensional measurements of automotive parts and assemblies using advanced non-contact gauging technology from CogniTens, a Hexagon Metrology company.



Sheffield Pioneer Plus MultiSensor Scanning CMM

From Sheffield Measurement, one of the pioneering brands in Metrology, comes the new Pioneer Plus. We took our new entry-level Pioneer CMM line and added a more capable companion product line with multisensor capability so you can choose from a video based probe, laser scanning, high precision analog scanning, a variety of touch trigger probes, or some combination of the above that best suits your unique application.


The Pioneer Plus fully supports a range of sensors including the ScanShark 4Vix line laser scanning probe, the CMM-V vision sensor, and the LSP-X1 analog scanning probe, as well as multiple types of touch trigger sensors. Several types of sensors can be combined in a single system for true multisensor capability.


Sheffield is a brand of Hexagon Metrology.



DEA Bravo HP Horizontal Arm CMM

BRAVO offers real-time process control elements relative to speed, accuracy, and reliability, combined with the added advantage of reduced maintenance. Extremely stable, stiff and resistant to the harsh shop floor conditions. Advanced multisensor temperature compensation system ensures nominal measuring accuracy over an extended ambient temperature range. Floor flush installations feature easy access with durable walk-able covers on X-rails for floor. High dynamic performance and proven reliability rank BRAVO HP as high throughput, world-class body-in-white measuring robots.


DEA is a brand of Hexagon Metrology.



CogniTens Optigo Non-Contact measuring System

Optigo from CogniTens, a Hexagon Metrology company, is a portable, high-performance dimensional measurement platform used in engineering, production, and assembly processes on the shop floor.


Compact for easy handling and access, Optigo’s design blends ruggedness with precise instrumentation. Its performance is not affected by vibrations, industrial lighting, or temperature changes. CogniTens’ patented technology guarantees fast throughput and superior accuracy. From prototyping to ramp up and launch, Optigo delivers a comprehensive solution for the full range of automotive metrology challenges.



Minitab Quality Companion: Value Stream Mapping

Quality Companion by Minitab is the ideal tool for managing lean, Six Sigma, and other quality projects. Quality Companion 3.2 adds exciting new functionality—including a powerful Value Stream Mapping tool—making our all-in-one software for process improvement better than ever.


For more information visit us at www.minitab.com.

Profiles in Quality: Denise Robitaille--Part 2

Scott Paton, Quality Digest's editor at large interviews Denise Robitaille, co-author of "The Insider's Guide to ISO 9001:2008." Robitaille is also a technical expert and member of U.S. TAG 176.


In this episode, Robitaille discusses corrective action.