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FARO: Shades of Green

Shades of Green


This video shows how large wind turbines are manufactured and the part that FaroArms and Faro laser trackers play.


For more information visit www.faro.com.

Demonstration of PC-DMIS with MultiCapture

Demonstration of MultiCapture feature of PC-DMIS


MultiCapture is a vision measurement technology that automatically finds multiple features that fit within the same field of view and captures their measurement data simultaneously. Upon completing the measurements in a particular field of view, MultiCapture drives the camera to the next cluster of features and measures them in the same way. This sequence continues until the inspection program is complete. MultiCapture also works with manual vision systems by prompting the user to move the viewfinder to successive zones of densely populated features.


For more information visit www.pcdmis.com.

Leica Powerlock Demo

The Leica Absolute Tracker is now equipped with PowerLock. This vision technology automatically locks onto any moving target without user intervention. Current laser tracker technology requires that the operator pays careful attention that the laser beam between the tracker and the target is not interrupted.


PowerLock prevents such interruptions. By utilizing a vision system built into the Leica Absolute Tracker the sensor can now determine where a target is without the need for the laser beam to be locked on. The Leica Absolute Tracker locks on to the target automatically as soon as it is within view of the sensor. This allows operators to focus on the part they need to measure without constantly worrying about the laser tracker and whether or not they have broken the beam. PowerLock works with all standard reflectors and all Leica T-Products.


More more information visit www.leica-geosytems.com/metrology

Minitab Quality Trainer

Overview of Minitab's Quality Trainer.

Learn the statistics you need to improve quality and how to use Minitab Statistical Software to analyze your data any time you are online.

Visit www.minitab.com/training/elearning/?WT.mc_id=WA09I0139.

Mike Micklewright: Six Sigma vs. 7 Basic Quality Tools


In this episode of Whiteboard, Mike Micklewright compares the value of Six Sigma to Kaoru Ishikawa's Seven Basic Quality Tools.


1) Scatter Plots

2) Histograms

3) Pareto Charts

4) Flow Charts

5) Check Sheets

6) Cause & Effect Diagrams (aka Fishbone or Ishikawa diagrams)

7) Run and Control Charts

Worldwide Quality Network (WQN) Overview

WQN offers training and consulting on a variety of quality programs and standards including:


ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 17799, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, AS9100, ISO 13485, TS16949, Six Sigma, 5S, CMM and CMMI, Lean Manufacturing, Risk Management, Change Management, Corporate Lifecycle Reorganization, various Military Specifications which include MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-STD-45662, MIL-STD-105 and ANSI Z-540.



Profiles in Quality: Wini Hayes

Profiles in Quality: an interview with Wini Hayes, founder and CEO of Hayes Inc. (www.hayesinc.com/hayes/about_us/key-people/winifred-s-hayes-phd/), an independent health technology research and consulting company. In this interview, Hayes discusses the state of health care quality in the United States and what can be done to improve it.


QC Group: Inspection services

The QC Group is a dimensional inspection and engineering laboratory. They offer inspection, reverse engineering, training, and staffing services.



Schneider Electric: Telemecanique Sensors
Description of Schneider Electronic with customer testimonials. Focus on Schneider's Sensor Competency Center and Telemecanique sensors.
Sheffield Measurement: Pioneer CMM

From Sheffield Measurement, a brand of Hexagon Metrology Inc:


Sheffield Pioneer entry level air bearing coordinate measuring machine product overview.