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TechnorazziLive: Introduction to Large Scale 3-D Laser Scanners

Episode Details:

The world as we know it today is evolving from 2-D to 3-D. One of the brightest spots in geospatial technologies is the continuous development of 3-D laser scanning. Archaic forms of documentation such as blueprints and 2-D schematic drawings are being replaced by 3-D point cloud interactive visualizations.


Laser scanners utilize non-contact laser technology to generate virtual highly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and large scale geometries in a matter of minutes. The resulting 3-D image of a laser scanner is a collaboration of millions of 3-D measurements providing an accurate digital documentation of as-built conditions. Accident reconstruction, as-built documentation, asset/facility management, crime scene/forensic analysis, inspection/reverse engineering, surveying and virtual simulation are just some of the typical applications designed for laser scanners.


In this video demo you will see a 3-D laser scanner in action and witness the power of millions of data points in a matter of minutes. Watch as we scan large scale items and manipulate the 3-D image in real-time. You will be amazed at what this technology can do.

Technorazzi Live: CMSC 2010, Interviews With Randy Gruver and Steve Hand

In this episode: From the floor of the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference in Reno, Nevada, we interview Steve Hand and Randy Gruver on the need for certified metrologists.


Steven Hand is Director, Fabrication Nuclear, for Chicago Bridge and Iron, which is responsible for about 85 percent of the nation's nuclear containment vessels and about 40 percent of the pressure vessels. Hand speaks on the need for certification for metrologists working in the nuclear industry.


Randy Gruver is an employee development specialist with Boeing. He is also the chair of the certification committee for the Coordinate Metrology Society. In this interview Gruver outlines the goals for the committee in creating a certification program for qualified metrologists. 

Technorazzi Live: Introduction to Hand-held Laser Scanners

Episode Details:

This is the recorded version of a live video broadcast that aired on July 21, 2010. This episode was shot at FARO Technologies in Lake Mary, Florida.


It includes an introduction to reverse engineering and a live demonstration of a typical application. It also includes an explanation of the technology behind laser line scanning—basically, how it works. As a second demonstration, the episode shows how the technology can be used in a noncontact application.


Throughout the broadcast, questions were sent in by viewers and were answered on the air.


For more information visit www.faro.com.

Technorazzi Live: CMSC 2010, Interviews With New Attendees

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In this episode: From the floor of the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference in Reno, Nevada, interviews with two new attendees of the show: Divyesh Ladva, Director Technical of Gatrad Cal-Test Laboratories & Research in India, traveled 36 hours to be at the show. Louis Ponce, President of Coast Aerospace in Huntington Beach, California, tells us why he attends the show.

Technorazzi Live: CMSC 2010, Ron Rode and Talion Edwards

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In this episode: Interviews from the floor of the Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference in Reno, Nevada. Interviews with Ron Rode, Project Manager of Planet Tool and Engineering, and outgoing Chair of the CMSC; and with Talion Edwards, Associate Technical Fellow, 3-D Imaging and Reverse Engineering, and incoming Chair for the CMSC.

Technorazzi Live: CMSC Show in Reno, Tom Greenwood

Introduction to Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference in Reno, Nevada. Interview with Tom Greenwood, Director of A350 Leading Edge Spar for Spirit AeroSystems.

IMTS 2010

IMTS 2010 is Manufacturing’s Biggest Open House!


How many open houses equal IMTS? Hundreds? Thousands? See and compare the latest from the world’s best manufacturing technology providers, together in the same place and at the same time to provide you the answers you need. Visit IMTS.



Hexagon GD&T Class for PC-DMIS Users

This class was designed specifically for PC-DMIS users by PC-DMIS instructors, and provides both a complete overview of the GD&T Y14.5 standard and practical application of those standards to the XactMeasure GD&T function of PC-DMIS.


This class focuses on practical, real-word examples from everyday metrology use, and techniques for successful application of the standards using PC-DMIS metrology software. All GD&T symbols and modifiers are discussed, as well as the application of how modifiers are applied in PC-DMIS in single segment and composite feature control frames. This three day course is for PC-DMIS users of all levels, and prior GD&T coursework is not required.


For more information please click here.

Scanning: Visible Productivity
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology shows the productivity of Active Scanning for better measurement results.
Analyzing Data: Using the Minitab Assistant
Minitab 16 offers new functionality and features. The most prominent is the Assistant, a menu-based tool designed to guide users through their analyses and help them interpret their results with confidence. The new Assistant feature opens the door to statistical analysis for more people, so everyone engaged in quality improvement efforts throughout an organization can make more effective use of their data to make the best decisions.