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Profiles in Quality: Norbert Hanke--President of Hexagon Metrology

In this video, Mike Richman, publisher of Quality Digest, sits down with Norbert Hanke, president of Hexagon Metrology, at Hexagon's 2011 International Conference in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Hanke spoke about the importance of interacting with your customers in developing new products and services, how research and development affects merger and acquisition activity (i.e., "buying" vs. "making" something new for their customers), and the future growth of Hexagon's hardware and software business.


This interview was recorded June 7, 2011.


Mireaux Management Solutions has released a video showing the Web QMS, an enterprise solution to comply with the requirements of ISO and beyond. Online document updates, review and approval, online corrective and preventive action and customer complaints, online NCR, online Calibration, E-Learning and Training Records, online Employee Certifications, dashboards and real time KPIs are just some of the many features of the Web QMS. No per user license and low maintenance fees make the Web QMS the software of choice for companies looking to streamline and improve their operations.

The Hexagon Story

Hexagon Metrology, part of the Hexagon AB group includes the leading brands in metrology, and represents an unrivaled global installed based of millions of devices and tens of thousands seats of software. Hexagon Metrology empowers its customers to fully control manufacturing processes that rely on dimensional precision, ensuring that products manufactured precisely conform to the original product design. The company offering of machines, systems and software is complemented by a wide range of product support, aftermarket and value-added services. This short video presents a brief overview of Hexagon Metrology, where quality comes together.