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Technorazzi: CPM Labs--Dial Indicators

In this episode, Craig Howell, owner and president of CPM Labs, describes dial travel indicators and dial test indicators. Also, an example of measuring runout.


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News Desk November 18, 2008

NIST has developed a method for measuring the output of electroshock weapons.


Improve quality by changing your light bulbs.


New book by Dan Adams.
New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth


Big Three Bailout. Will it work?

Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 3 of 3

In part three of our interview with Mike Micklewright he compares continuous improvement to continual improvement.


He also discusses 5S and how that ties into the 5 Whys.


Finally, Micklewright shows us how 5S can be used to help others. He has set up a charitible organization for those companies who want to do something with the waste collected by thier 5S cleanup other than throw it away.


Artel Multichannel Verification System

A description of the operation and benefits of the Artel Multichannel Verification System.


The ARTEL MVS is an easy-to-use, universal system to verify the volume transfer performance of automated liquid handling systems and multichannel handheld pipettes


For more information visit www.artel-usa.com.

News Desk October 27, 2008

China reforms food safety standards


Medicare restricts payments for avoidable hospital errors


Wal-Mart and China pursue sustainability


Blue Shield announces hospital comparison database

Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 2 of 3
This week, the second of three episodes with Mike Micklewright. In this week's episode, offshoring (or outsourcing), does it really save you money; are you taking a realistic look at the total cost?
Technorazzi: CPM Labs--Taking Care of Measuring Tools

In this episode, Craig Howell, owner and president of CPM Labs, reveals some of the industry secrets on caring for your calipers and micrometers.


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Automated Precision Inc. (API) Tracker Systems

Product demo of several API products:


- Tracker3 laser tracker

- OmniTrac laser tracking system

- Active Target

- Smart Trac


For more information visit: www.apisensor.com

News Desk October 6, 2008
News you can't get anywhere else for the week of October 6, 2008. Links for this week: http://www.iso.org http://www.mesa.org http://www.taitronics.org
Profiles in Quality: Mike Micklewright, Part 1 of 3
This week, the first of three episodes with Mike Micklewright. In this week's episode, Mike discusses the importance of principles over style.