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TechnorazziLIVE: Improving the Efficiency of the Inspection Process

Geomagic and 3D3 Solutions demonstrated live from the show floor of Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference (CMSC) on ways to optimize the inspection process. Why settle for two dimensional measurements with a traditional CMM or inspection gauge when you can capture every detail of your as-built part? Inspect products in a fraction of the time instead of weeks by combining the use of 3D scanning with 3D digital inspection. In this recorded presentation you will learn how to:


• Capture 3D data from a physical part using the High Definition Imaging (HDI) 3D Scanner
• Compare the part to the reference (CAD model) using Geomagic Qualify 3D inspection software
• Generate customized reports featuring 3D PDF documents to fit your organization’s needs

IBS Enterprise Quality Management System

From ensuring compliance to most ISO standards and government regulations to implementing strategic initiatives for quality, safety and the environment, IBS has solutions for all your quality and compliance management requirements.

Quality Digest Live -- August 5, 2011

Overview of Stories for August 5, 2011


QD Publisher, Mike Richman, and Kimber Evans discuss this year's CMSC show.


QD President, Jeff Dewar, interviews CMSC Past-Chair, Talion Edwards, on the progress the CMSC is making on a metrology certification program. Edwards also discusses the ongoing "How Behaviors Effect Measurement" study which demonstrates the need for a standardized metrology certification program.




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API Radian Laser Tracker

Many companies offer a laser tracker or some variation of laser tracking technology, but it was API that invented the original technology 25 years ago. API continues to advance with its innovation, technology, and solutions. API continues as the industry leader with the smallest, most accurate, most versatile, and NOW, most intelligent laser tracker available.


API introduces INNOVO Technology with the Radian Laser Tracker. INNOVO Technology is a platform that delivers intelligence to the measurement process. Anchored by its integrated camera, INNOVO features I-Vision, which LOCKS ON to a target so that if the beam is broken, Radian will automatically locate the target. However, I-Vision goes beyond what has been acceptable in industry. With a 30-degree angle of view I-Vision stays with the operator so the Radian is ready to measure when you are.


INNOVO Technology features:

- I-Vision automatic beam capture

- Video/still image capture

- SMaRT Check SMR validation

- Activity Advisor

- Advanced self-diagnostics

- ADM-Maxx advanced ADM laser technology

- Multiple SMR identification

- "Shake to Drive" gesture-based commands

Quality Digest Live -- July 29, 2011

The Future of Six Sigma was broadcast live from the Phoenix Biltmore Hotel on July 25, 2011. Guests Mikel Harry and Tom Pyzdek discussed the current and future state of Six Sigma. For additional information on what Pyzdek and Harry are doing with Six Sigma, please visit their web sites:


Mikel Harry

The MindPro Knowledge Transfer System enables the rapid deployment and application of critical process improvement knowledge.


The Great Discovery
Any person, team or organization can transform ordinary performance into extraordinary results, yet do so in a sustainable, repeatable and teachable way.


Lucky Kat TV
Lucky Kat TV is an inspirational and educational gaming and video web site designed to entertain your child in a safe and creative environment.  



Tom Pyzdek

The Pyzdek Institute
The Pyzdek Institute offers training and certification in Six Sigma.