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Hartzell Propeller Embraces "Done in One" Manufacturing Philosophy

Find out how solutions from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence keep Hartzell Propeller at the top of the list for world-class aviation machine shops.

Quality Digest Live -- March 18, 2016

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CMSC Corner: Interview with Rina Molari-Korgel, portable metrology application engineer at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and CMSC executive committee chairperson


OEO LED Direct Replacement for Metal Halide Lighting

Learn how to save 68% in energy costs: simply change bulbs - literally - it's as easy as, changing a light bulb. No rewiring, no ballast bypassing, and NO ELECTRICIAN. Simply plug and play from metal halides to The OEO EZ LED Direct Replacements.

Our customers instantly start saving 68% in energy costs - that's $1,000s of dollars. Fast, fast payback. Rebate eligible. 5 year warranty. 55,000+ hour life.

Rated for safety and is UL Listed and RoHS Compliant. Additional advantages against a regular metal halide are higher lumen maintenance, instant-on and restrike, no color change, superior color temperature, higher color rendition index (CRI) and cooler running temperature. Designed for use in an open, indoor fixture.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence: An interview with National Institute for Aviation Research
An interview with Brian Brown, Director of Robotics and Automation at the National Institute for Aviation Research.