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Quality Digest Live -- August 26, 2016

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Reviving King Tutankhamun With 3D Scanning

CMSC Corner: Interview with John Ziegert, professor at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, on the Precision Path Consortium

Leaders Who Listen Control the Conversation

Deming's 14 Points: Innovation as An Outcome



Be Nikon: See the next generation in robotized CMM inspection

Looking for ways to streamline your inspection process? Watch this demonstration of the Nikon Altera CMM and XC65Dx during an inspection cycle with robotized part. See it live for the first time in the USA at IMTS. Visit us in the East Hall, Booth # E-5060. Schedule your live demonstration today by contact us at 800-552-6648 or via email at sales.nm-us@nikon.com. Spaces are limited.

Quality Digest Live -- August 12, 2016

Story links for August 12, 2016

Twelve Characteristics of Great Leaders
Plus: An interview with Mike Figliuolo, managing director of thoughtLEADERS LLC

Feynman and the O-Ring

Becoming a 'Why Not?' Engineering Culture
Plus: An interview with Eugene Daniell, ROMER Absolute Arms product manager at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Tech Corner: Marposs iWave2 Bore Gauge with Merlin Plus SPC Computer


Automate Your Measurement Collection. Quick. Easy. Accurate.

Automating your measurement collection process will reduce measurement time, minimize data entry, produce accurate readings, and eliminate human error. With our wired or wired solutions, you can collect your measurements in real-time with 100% accuracy with the press of a button. Our products support over 80 gage brands and over 3,200 gage models. Use any spreadsheet, Windows, SPC/Data Collection, or cloud-based quality monitoring software.
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